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Tungsten Carbide Coating

Tungsten Carbide Coating
There are several methods used to totally encapsulate a screw with wear and/or corrosion-resistant material. The methods include detonation guns, high velocity oxygen fuel (HVOF) spray systems and various spray weld processes. A wide selection of materials can be used ranging from the types of materials used for flight hard-surfacing to customized products containing very hard wear resistant carbides.
Type Rc Descriptions
XC1000 Rc68/71 A composition of 12% Cobalt saturated with 88% 2-5 micron Tungsten Carbide with a particulate hardnss average of Rc82, providing ultimate abrasion resistance.
XC1000Ni  Rc68/71 A composition 10% Nickel and 90% Tungsten Carbide providing ultimate abrasion resistance combined with improved corrosion resistance over the XC1000 in PVC applications.
XC4000 Rc55-65 A composition of Nickel, Chromium, and Chromium Carbide producing an abrasion resistant coating with extreme corrosion resistance and excellent ductility, relative to hardness.
XC9000 Rc65-70 Our Millennium Carbide is a Tungsten Carbide/ Cobalt featuring a unique sub-micron manufacturing process providing improved wear resistance over traditional Tungsten Carbide coatings. Excellent for sub-micron particle abrasion.
High competence in heat treatment technology and surface coating assure a superior wear protection. The most advanced and modern equipment in the hands of experienced specialists allows the production of the most complex design as wave geometry on plasticizing screws.
  • Tungsten carbide cladding-improved wear and superior corrosion resistance
  • Metallurgical bond-no chipping or delamination issues associated with HVOF carbide coatings
  • Complete Carbide Coating Wear System-for the ultimate in wear protection:
  • -XC1000 Rc 68/71 carbide cladding on the screw root surfaces
    -X830 carbide hard facing on screw flight OD"s
  • Rebuilt Screws- XC1000 Rc 68/71 is repairable and can be applied to your rebuilt screws
  • Metallurgical bond-no chipping or delamination issues associated with
  • HVOF carbide coatings
Screw A is carbide coated screw 12 months processing highly
abrasive material.
Screw B & C are powder metal screws at 6 months in the same process.
Nitrided steel screw processing uPVC after 10 months
Corrosion protected feed Screw
105 mm feed screw after 3 months processing 40% GF Nylon
Carbide protected screw after 10 months of 40% GF Nylon

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