This screw has a specific design, suitable for PE and PP. The concept of "transfer" is a second thread which starts in the compression zone and divides the melted and solid material. This allows a better control of the melting point of the material and of the temperature of the mass. Screw with high plasticizing capacity, with a better control of the melting point of the material. This screw is designed and produced especially for polyolefin, but it has good results also processing ABS or polyamides.

Excellent mixing of the melted mass
Better esthetic
Waste reduction
High quality products, also with regrind materials
Better dispersion of masterbach
Possible reduction of percentage of masterbach
Possible reduction of the cycle time, due to back pressure reduction or increasing of speed rotation

Mixing Screw

The Mixing Screw is a low shear plastics mixing screw that provides the processor with outstanding color mixing. In addition, many of the processors using have experienced improved production rates, both in recovery rate and throughput.

Although the design of the screw and mixer are modified somewhat for different resins, it has successfully processed commodity resins as well as engineering grade resins.

Improved production rates by more than 25%
Reduced part reject rates from more than 5% to less than 1%
Reduced the amount of color concentrate required to achieve optimum color mix from 4% to 3%

Types of Screw